Meet Ashley:



Thanks so much for stopping by. I live with my husband and two daughters about 30 miles outside of Philadelphia. I'm from a small city called Frederick, MD but have been a PA resident for close to 10 years.

I fell into my love for photography sort of by accident. While in college, I studied foreign languages. After graduating I worked as a nanny and was fortunate enough to travel to 8 countries. With a passport and a very basic nikon dslr camera, I set out to see what I could photograph in the world and my love for photography burst wide open.

I finished up my solo travels (for now) up once I became engaged but was able to continue my passion for photography with family, friends and referrals. 

After becoming a mom, my photography truly evolved into more than just a hobby. I know how quickly time passes with little ones and it fills me with such joy to be able to capture families at different stages. Motherhood has allowed me to look at the world differently and I love being able to reflect that in my work.

Whether you're looking to update an old headshot or you'd like to have the whole family photographed I'd love to work with you! 


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